Editor’s Pick | Top 5 Christmas Sex Toys For Men, Women & Couples

Christmas sex toys - Top picks for men, women & couples in 2023

As the biggest holiday of the year is approaching, it’s time to shop gifts for your family and friends. This is the time when need exclusive gift ideas. No matter what kind of gift giver you are, there are always some Christmas offers going on that turn out to be the savior for you. Do you remember your childhood days, when you used to get unbridled joy after discovering a bunch of new toys under the tree? Well, if you recall those days, we must tell you nothing much has changed except for the age. Today, you can opt for kinky Christmas sex toys to spice up your sex life, which is no less than the joy getting new toys in the childhood. 

For more than 3 years, Sex Toy in Hyderabad has fulfilled the intimate needs of the individuals. Now we have come up again with Christmas themed xxx toys for men, women and couples. In case you are unaware about Christmas sex toys, we must tell Sex Toy in Hyderabad is one of the most trusted Indian sex toy online stores. The Indian sex store online focuses on intimate health and you can find vast range of products starting from dildos, automatic masturbators to bondage sex equipments. 

Offers on Christmas sex toys are live. Here is a handpicked list of top 5 products that will surely heat up your sex life like never before.

Solid Sex Doll

When it comes to most demanding xxx toys for men, nothing can beat solid sex dolls in terms of aesthetics and pleasure. Solid sex dolls mimic the realistic appearance of girls, with whom you can indulge in fun forever. The sex dolls come in lifelike size making it more realistic than ever before. Solid sex dolls come first in our list of Christmas sex toys and if you are looking for Christmas offers on sex toys, you should not miss Sex Toy in Hyderabad, the most trusted Indian sex toy online store.

At Sex Toy in Hyderabad, you can find vast range of solid sex toy and their lifelike details and realistic touch won’t ever fail to amaze your senses. The solid sex dolls are designed with medically tested silicone making it absolutely safe for intimate use. It means, you can do literally anything including bondage sex if that’s your thing.

Christmas sex toys sale is LIVE and you should not miss a chance to shop solid sex dolls along with additional discount. Solid sex dolls will be a great gift as well, so you can also order them for your family members or friends as well.

Penis Enlargement Device

Over the years, the demand of penis enlargement device is increasing. Penis enlargement device comes second in our list of most demanding xxx toys in India. Although a big gigantic penis is not necessary to please your partner, a lot of Indian people of all genders are fascinated with long big penis. As a result, many of them look out for natural ways to grow penis longer. Whether your priority lies in bondage sex or missionary sex, Sex Toy in Hyderabad brings the opportunity to shop exclusive Christmas sex toys at discounted price.  You can find exclusive Christmas offers on the best brands such as Bathmate, Hydromax, Handsome-Up, and there many more.

In case, you are thinking that’s all we must tell you there are many other products available to grow your penis bigger. USB rechargeable electric penis enlarger, penis pro extender , stamina training unit, vibrating penis pump are to name a few, if you are looking for Christmas sex toys at Sex Toy in Hyderabad, a trusted Indian sex toy online store.

Penis enlargement devices are tangible devices to grow your penis bigger, thicker and longer. There is no side effect and the products are made of skin friendly silicone. Christmas themed sex toys are LIVE on sale. In case you are looking for best xxx toys to shop on Christmas, here’s the opportunity for you.

All Types Of Dildo & Vibrators

If you are wondering what are the most-demanding women sex toys to buy during Christmas offers, the answer will definitely be dildo and vibrators. As the demand of xxx toys is rising, independent women are coming out of their closet. As a leading retailer of sex toys, Sex Toy in Hyderabad, the most-recognized Indian sex toy online store, is offering blockbuster deals on Christmas sex toys. Visitors can avail up to 70% off on all types of dildo and vibrators listed on the website.

When it comes to dildo and vibrators, there are many kinds of devices starting from vibrating dildo, non-vibrating dildo, glass dildo, g-spot vibrators, compact vibrators, nipple vibrators and there many more. In case, you are looking for Christmas themed sex toys to heat up the body and mind, our blockbuster deals on Christmas sex toys won’t disappoint the users. Apart from dildos, and vibrators there’s a vast collection of BDSM toys for bondage sex as well.

So what are you waiting for? Log on to and grab the exclusive offers right away.

Automatic Sex Machine

Automatic sex machines are tangible devices for women that are specially designed to mimic the act of drilling without men. In case you are looking for Christmas sex toys for maximum penetration and satisfaction, our Christmas offers on automatic sex machine will help you save on the products dramatically. When it comes to most pleasing xxx toys for women, the automatic sex machine is a beast in terms of efficiency and performance.

Sex Toy in Hyderabad, the trusted Indian sex toy online store is offering massive discount up to 70% on premium sex toys. Automatic sex toy will be a perfect gift for wives who live far away from their husbands, and if you are searching for a toy to enjoy hands-free bondage sex with a machine, this is gonna be a win-win deal for you.   

BDSM Christmas Themed Sex Toys

BDSM themed Christmas Sex Toys comes fifth in our list of most demanding xxx toys in India. With fast internet and globalization, Indian consumers are well aware of the growing sex toy market all over the world, and some of them have even gone to the extent of trying them as well. BDSM community is slowing growing in India and if both your partner and you want to get involved in naughty things, BDSM would be an experience worth remembering.  Sex Toy in Hyderabad brings you blockbuster Christmas offers on sex toys, where you can save up to 70% on bondage sex toys like ball gag, strap dildo, rope, chastity device, sex swing belts, handcuffs and many more.

Being a leading Indian sex toy online store, Sex Toy in Hyderabad promises you to offer 100% satisfaction that you won’t get elsewhere. Plus, the ongoing offers will help save a lot of money, which is impressive. 

We hope our handpicked suggestions on Christmas sex toys will help you find best Christmas offers on xxx toys. The offers will go LIVE from 1st December to 31st December until we run out of stock. Visitors can log on to  to browse exciting limited time offers on sex toys for men, women and couples. Our customer support is open 24*7 and you can call/WhatsApp at 9830983141 for any kind of requirement related to our products, price or order. Merry Christmas in advance to y’all and we wish you a thrilling vacation for a lifetime.