Sex Toy In Hyderabad appreciates the trust of valuable clients. With years of continuous effort, dedication and determination, Sex Toy In Hyderabad is now recognized as a trusted online sex store in India. Thus, Sex Toy In Hyderabad respects the privacy of the users, and we promise to offer the desired privacy on our website. The privacy policy describes how we collect, store, use or share the personal information of the users. We never misuse the personal data of the users. Also, the information obtained from our server is well-preserved for the purpose of offering a seamless shopping experience on By accessing, or using this website, you agree with our privacy policy. We suggest the visitors to go through the privacy policy ahead of accessing or browsing our services. In case, you do not agree with the privacy policy, it will be better to leave this site now.

Privacy Policy - Learn About Our Data Protection Measures
We Collect ​

Personal Information​

Sex toy in Hyderabad can access various personal information of the users automatically. In general, we use the information to identify particular users or offer a seamless shopping experience on our server. In case you are wondering, what personal information is kept on our server, here is the information that we obtain.

Identifiable Information

At Sex Toy In Hyderabad, we collect identifiable information. It includes name, phone number, email address, location details like country, state, city, ZIP etc.

Browser Information

We also collect your browser information such as IP address, browser version, type, device, whenever you visit

Location Information

Our location service helps to collect location data from time to time. Users can turn off the location from the settings.

Behavioural Pattern

We use security cookies, session cookies, advertising cookies and preference cookies to identify the users so that we can cater a personalized experience on our server

Why Do We Collect Personal Information?

As a trusted online sex tore in India, we have some duties for our valued clients. The primary purpose behind the collection of personal information lies in offering a seamless browsing experience on our server. Here is a list of reasons why we collect the personal information of our visitors. Please have a look if you are thinking about the issue of privacy on our website.

      • User information helps to improve our services on the website.
      • Personal information also helps to make various crucial decisions.
      • Identical information helps to contact the users during policy changes.
      • We obtain user data to offer improved customer support.
      • Sextoyinhyderabad collects personal information to monitor usage patterns on the website.
      • Sex Toy in Hyderabad gathers user data to detect potential issues from time to time.
      • We obtain personal information so that we can enforce the rights of the contract.
      • We collect your information to inform you about special offers, discounts or news related to our services.

Do We Share Your Information?

As mentioned before, your privacy is crucial to us, therefore keep all your information confidential. The information that you provide us, won’t ever be rented, shared or revealed to anybody under any circumstances other than described in this policy.

      • Sex Toy In Hyderabad never sells user data to third parties.
      • We may share identifying information such as name, email, etc for developing internal business plans or research and development.
      • We may share some user data for marketing purposes.

As a well-known online storefront for sex accessories and adult toys, sextoyinhyderabad abides by the legal obligations from Government authority or court orders. As a result, we are duty-bound to disclose personal information in case the need arises someday. Apart from that, we never share your information with anybody.

Secure Information - Protected Data
Stay in the Loop: Ask About Your Data, Stay Updated, and Navigate Our Privacy Rules Easily

Your Privacy Unveiled: Explore What We Know

To know more about what personal data is obtained, you can always get in touch with us and send a subject access request. In the end, we must inform the readers, our privacy policy doesn’t apply to other third party websites, and we are not accountable for any of their privacy policy applicable on other websites. Readers must note that this privacy policy may change, and users will be notified about policy change from time to time. In order to stay updated regarding the privacy policy, users can check the website occasionally.

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