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What Does Our Warranty Cover?

What's Not Covered?

How to Claim Warranty?

Why Choose Our Warranty?

In Conclusion We Can Say:

Unbeatable Assurance: Our 3-Month Warranty for Your Pleasure

At Sextoyinhyderabad, we want you to feel happy and safe when you use our toys. That's why we promise to fix any problems with them for three months after you buy them.

What Does Our Warranty Cover?

Our warranty means we'll take care of any issues with your sextoy  if something goes wrong. It could be a broken part or something not working like it should.

Duration of Coverage:

You have three months from the day you get your toy to let us know if there's a problem. That gives you enough time to play and make sure everything's okay.

What's Not Covered?

If your toy breaks because it was used in the wrong way or got damaged by accident, we can't fix it for free. Also, if you try to fix it yourself or change it, the warranty won't apply.

How to Claim Warranty

Just talk to our friendly team if you have any problems during the warranty period. We'll help you sort things out quickly and quietly.

Why Choose Our Warranty?

  1. Feel Safe: With our warranty, you can enjoy your toy knowing we've got your back if anything goes wrong.
  2. Easy Help: Our team is here to help you without any fuss, so you can get back to having fun.
  3. Good Quality: We make sure our toys are made well, so you can trust them to last and keep you satisfied.


At Sextoyinhyderbad ,  we care about your happiness and safety, especially when it comes to our toys. Our 3-month warranty shows how much we want you to enjoy using them without worries. So relax, have fun, and remember we're here to help if you need us.